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Hd Ortho Pliers - Goose Neck Cutters

Hd Ortho Pliers - Goose Neck Cutters

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Head Dental CorporationHead Dental Corporation
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Head Dental Corporation

<h2>Goose Neck Pin & Ligature Cutters - GN604</h2><br><div> <span> Cutting Capacity : Ligature Wire up to .015</span> <div></div> <div></div> </div><p><strong>WARRANTY</strong></p><p>Trouble, which occurs due to material defect or despite under correct use as the instruction manual states, during the period specified below, is covered under warranty by the manufacturer. Quality deterioration, caused by drop, will be excluded from warranty coverage.</p><p></p><p><em>Orthodontic Pliers</em></p><p>3 years (The blade wear is excluded from warranty.)</p>

Supplier: Head Dental Corporation
Goose Neck Pin & Ligature Cutters - GN604 Cutting Capacity : Ligature Wire up to .015 WARRANTYTro..