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400 + Suppliers

Take control of your overhead

You already know OrthAzone as the online orthodontic supply store, where you can find supplies from over 400 of your favorite trusted brands.

Finding Orthodontic supplies in one place, with transparent pricing has never been easier.

Our online store is optimized to help what you’re looking for - at a great price.

invoice management

Easy reordering and invoice management for orthodontic offices

What you may not realize is that in addition to helping you save money, OrthAzone also helps you simplify the invoicing and ordering processes.

Order from history or from your private store (created based on your favorite products/options) – or find new products.

analytics dashboard

Take control of your overhead

See where your money is going.

Watch for patterns and get ahead of your cashflow spikes.

Select time period (month, quarter, year) - see what you spent on orthodontic category or brand or supplier.

400+ of orthodontic suppliers

Since launching in 2015, 13281 customers use OrthAzone to purchase from 400+ of orthodontic suppliers. Hundreds of customers save so much time and money, they made OrthAzone their primary online supplier of orthodontic products.