Keystone Ortho Boxes

Keystone Ortho Boxes

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<div> <p>The Bo-Box™ Orthodontic Retainer Case are&nbsp;sturdy, rigid orthodontic retainer cases for storing and protecting appliances. Bo-Boxes™ are available in 5 bold, bright friendly colors and provide a pre-molded identification area for the patient’s name and phone number.</p> <p>Interior key snap holders allow for secure closure and reduce the chance of accidental opening. Ventilation holes allow air to circulate to keep the appliances dry. All cases are medium-sized. Inside is a secure location to snap in the key.</p> </div> <div> <p>&nbsp;</p> </div>

Supplier: KEYSTONE
The Bo-Box™ Orthodontic Retainer Case are sturdy, rigid orthodontic retainer cases for storing..