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Diamond Burs

Diamond Burs
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Supplier: G&H Orthodontics
Not for sale in Canada. Length: 19mm Shank Ø: 1.6mm Grit: Medium Pkg of 10 ..

Supplier: 3D DENTAL
Neo Diamonds FG 1310.3F 25/Pk Neo Diamonds FG 1310.3F 25/Pk   Product Name: Neo Diamonds M..

Supplier: G&H Orthodontics
A medium abrasion diamond bur recommended for roughening and preparing plastic,composite restoration..

Supplier: 3D DENTAL
Wheel Diamonds 909-040M 6/Pk Wheel Diamonds 909-040M 6/Pk   Product Name: Diamonds Manufac..

Dental Diamond Burs contains:• Bullet• Cylinder w/Bevel• Donut• Egg• Flame