Bonding Products - Bite-Bumper™

Bonding Products - Bite-Bumper™

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G&H Orthodontics

<div>&nbsp;</div> <div><span>Not for sale in Canada.</span></div> <p>Bite Bumpers™ work to open deep bite cases by allowing the anteriors to ride up and out of occlusion. The Bite Bumpers™ eliminate bond failures of brackets and are especially valuable with ceramic or self-ligating brackets.<br /> <br /> The unique fixed "placement-jig" guarantees the correct height on the lingual of the tooth an makes sure the two Bite Bumpers™ are 100% parallel.<br /> <br /> The Bite Bumpers™ are made of a composite polymer that is more comfortable, aesthetic and will increase biocompatibility in nickel sensitive patients.<br /> <br /> Bite-Bumpers™ are bonded in the same manner as plastic or composite brackets with a slotted mechanical bonding base.<br /> <br /> Bite Bumper is a registered trademark by Gestenco International AB, Sweden.</p>

Supplier: G&H Orthodontics
  Not for sale in Canada. Bite Bumpers™ work to open deep bite cases by allowing the ante..